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File Format Guidelines


• Please send your finalized file in a WORD document or similar.


NO excel spreadsheets/cells/blocks as this creates spacing issues on our end.


• The way you format your guests names is up to you, but we highly recommend simply putting "First Name" then "Last Name" such as "John Smith". 


• We don't recommend putting couples/families together on one line such as "Mr. and Mrs. Dan and Sara Smith and Family", as this tends to look too busy. 


• You can set up your seating chart  in Alphabetical Order OR By Table Number.

It's best to have names alphabetically listed for either option (alphabetized by last name) so the guest can easily find their names.


1 round of revisions included, additional rounds are $20 per revision

Sample format reference below;


Nicole Brodie 2

Denny Chen 2

Michelle Chen 2

Andrew Crawford 2

John Daniels 1

Christine Ford 3

Christopher Gable 2

Andrea Jesse 3

Darryl Jesse 3

Brian Lam 3

Whitney Lowe 3

Greg Matthews 1

Linda Matthews 1

Diane Moffat 1

Doug Moffat 1 

Rosalie Piper 1
Steven Prisco 2


List guest name with table number right beside their name. We will take care of the rest of the formatting.

BY TABLE (also in alphabetical order)


Table 1

John Daniels

Greg Matthews

Linda Matthews

Diane Moffat

Doug Moffat

Rosalie Piper


Nicole Brodie

Denny Chen

Michelle Chen

Andrew Crawford

Christopher Gable

Steven Prisco



Christine Ford

Andrea Jesse

Darryl Jesse

Brian Lam

Whitney Lowe


List the table number with guest names below. We will take care of the rest of the formatting.

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